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Institut Esthederm Sun Intolerance Protective Body Spray 150ml


Highly protective and soothing, the Sun Intolerance Spray helps reduce the sensitivity of skin that reacts to the sun and promotes gradual adaptation.

The skin’s capacity for adaptation is stimulated, and intolerance reactions are limited.

Fragrance-free cream texture for optimum tolerance.

Sun protection strengthened by soothing active ingredients, this cream helps even the most reactive or intolerant skin to gradually adapt to the sun.

Prevents photo-ageing and dark spots: protects the skin's DNA and prevents cell damage thanks to our patented Global Cellular Protection technology.

People with sun intolerant skin who are hyperreactive or allergic or to the sun (BSLE).

Phototype 1 (very fair to red skin), pregnancy, medication that causes light sensitivity (antibiotics).

Curative and preventive approaches.

• 2 weeks before leaving: apply the cream once a day.
• First 3 days of exposure: apply the cream every hour.
• From day 4 to day 7: apply the cream every two hours.
• Then switch to Adaptasun body milk strong sun for sensitive skin.
Hyperreactive skin can be exposed to the sun for a sensible amount of time by minimising the risks of skin reactions. The skin gradually becomes used to the sun.