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Frezyderm Frezykeld Cream 40ml

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Soft cream that treats scars caused by injury, surgery or even severe acne. Works proactively by preventing scar formation and improving the appearance of those already formed. The cream’s active ingredients enhance skin cell regeneration, reconstruct damaged and aged skin tissue, provide intense hydration and offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection. The affected skin is rebuilt, scars reduced and the skin regains its smooth appearance.

Prevents scar formation: After the incision or wound has healed, apply 2 times daily for 8 - 12 weeks Improves the appearance of scars: 3 times a day for 6 - 10 months as needed Scar from cesarean section, surgical operation, injury: Apply for 6-8 months Pre-existing scar or cheloid of any etiology: 6-10 months

Copper Peptides: Reduction of scarring due to skin cell regeneration | Enable removal of damaged scar tissue | Increases rate of epithelialisation Rose Hip Oil: Elasticity | Hydration | Healing | Enhancement of the organisation of collagen fibres