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Frezyderm PS.T. Cleanser Step 1

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This mild liquid cleanser cleanses the face and body, removing dead skin cells and flakes. It has been specifically formulated for those with psoriasis and other skin conditions and contains fine granules that gently remove flakey skin. No staining, no odor. In liquid form.

Daily use. Apply on the affected area, on wet skin. Rub gently in circular motions, rinse off after 2-3 minutes and wipe gently.

Salix alba: Exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, analgesic action Ichthyol: Normalisation of mitotic activity | Reduction of irritation, itching and inflammation α-Hydroxyacids of natural origin: Regeneration of cells | Moisturising Organic oat extract: Soothing, emollient action Mild cleansers | Fine symmetrical granules: Effective cleansing