Frezyderm Sensiteeth Kids Toothpaste 500ppm 50ml

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A gentle and safe toothpaste that prevents cavities. It protects teeth from decay and germs thanks to the combination of Fluoride and calcium, while strengthening the tooth enamel. Has a delicious blueberry flavour and is gluten free. Clinically Tested

Apply a pea-sized amount onto a soft bristled child’s toothbrush. Avoid swallowing. Daily and proper use of toothpaste after every meal considerably reduces the likelihood of cavities and plaque formation. Useful tip: Until the age of six years old, parents should help children brush their teeth.

500ppm Fluoride and Calcium: Protection against decay | Strengthening of enamel Myrrh | Sage | Xylitol: Antiphlogistic, septic and antibacterial action Mild surfactants: Effective cleansing