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Frezyderm Intim Vaginal Douche Vinegar pH 3.5 150ml


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This intravaginal cleanser removes vaginal discharge caused by bacterial vaginosis. It also enhances the effect of any prescribed medication being used to treat the infection. It offers antibacterial protection against bacteria and chlamydia and regulates the vaginal pH.

Unlock by removing the cap and pull the nose upwards and slightly to the side until you hear a 'snap'. Check that the safety valve has opened by lightly pushing the bottle. Gently and carefully insert the tip into the vagina, while in a seated or standing position. Adjust the tilt of the nose and squeeze the bottle to cleanse the vagina. Leave for 30 minutes before using other intravaginal products.

Vinegar: Antibacterial action against bacterial vaginosis | Regulation of vaginal pH Echinacea: Broad antibacterial spectrum | Reinforcement of the body's natural defenses Allium sativum (garlic extract): Broad antibacterial spectrum | Treatment of chlamydia Xylitol: Selective antibacterial properties | Lactobacilli protection