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Institut Esthederm Bronz Impulse Face & Body Spray 150ml


Bronz Impulse screen-free face and body spray prepares, optimises and enhances natural tans and prevents photo-ageing.
Fresh mist texture.

Prepares the skin for tanning by activating the pigmentation process.

Protects against photo-ageing caused by UVA rays: fights the effects of free radicals, inflammation and cell damage.

All skin types, except skin with hyperpigmentation.

Before the period of exposure

For 7 days before the first exposure, apply every morning to speed up the tanning process, increase the skin’s antioxidant properties and reduce the risk of skin reactions to the sun.

During the period of exposure

Apply 20 minutes before exposure and then in combination with suitable sun protection.

And in the evening (before applying the after-sun lotion) to boost the skin’s antioxidant properties and precursors of melanin.

After the period of exposure

In the morning or evening before your usual care product to boost tanning.

An enhanced, reinforced and long-lasting tan.

The skin is better prepared, better protected, and the skin’s youth is preserved in the sun.