Institut Esthederm Intensive AHA Peel 30ml

The special serum "beautiful skin".
Smooth micro-relief, reduces pore surface area and illuminates dull complexion.
Stimulates epidermal renewal and improves the texture of the skin.
Extends the effects of chemical peels and complements the effectiveness of fillers and botox (skin texture).
For who ?
Skins with irregular texture. The complexion blurred. In beautiful cure before the summer.
Terms of use
Apply at bedtime. Let the Serum act 15 minutes before applying a care cream so as not to disturb its acidic pH. The 2 forms of serums can be alternated: Serum Doux during the first semanes, then Serum Concentrate, to improve the tolerance of the skins To AHAs.
The grain of skin is refined, the complexion regains its radiance, the irregularities fade.
Light texture and refreshing. Touch satin and velvety. Silicone free.